Thurmond Knight
Maker of Violins, Violas and 'Cellos 

Luther Leonidas Violin 2016
Thurmond Knight made this violin in 2016, in his shop in Glover, Vermont.  The body of the violin is modeled after Strad's 1694 violin known as the Maria Ex Muir MacKenzie.  Antonio Stradivarius, 1644-1737, had several periods in his long career of violin making.  From 1690-1700 was his "long" period during which time he experimented with a slightly longer model.  These violins have been very successful and are played by top artists all over the world.

A lion head scroll was carved for this particular violin, which was not part of the original Stradivari instrument.   Thurmond dedicated this violin to his grandfather Luther Leonidas Knight.  The sound has been described by a number of professional players as large and open, with excellent projection.  The top end is quite silvery in sound, and the lower end is viola-like. 





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