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Giovan. Paolo Maggini Violin 1669 (Copy)

This violin is labeled "Giovan. Paolo Maggini 1669" and is German made, modeled after Maggini.  The instrument has received damage to the top as seen in the photographs.  There are two cracks running either side of the fingerboard.  There are four cracks seen below the treble side F hole.  Both F holes have been narrowed with grafts.  The back and ribs appear to be intact.  The spiral of the scroll has an extra turn.  All cracks have been repaired in the past.  Varnish is a warm red-brown.  The spruce top is of narrow straight grain, and the two piece back has narrow flame running more or less horizontally.  The neck and ribs have similar figure.  Both the top and back are double purfled.  The instrument was sold with case and violin bow.