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Ruth Keller 16 inch Viola Modeled on Gasparo da Salo

This 16 inch viola is modeled after Gasparo da Salo, and was commissioned by Ruth Keller of New York.  The build took three months and Ruth came to pick up the viola in December 2021, just before Christmas.  The instrument was made with a two piece spruce top and a one piece highly flamed maple back.  Ribs are of the same maple as the back.  The neck was made from similar maple.  The instrument was finished with oil varnish and gently antiqued.  The bass tone is very similar to that of a 3/4 cello, with a full warm body.  The upper end is everything one would expect of an instrument of this size.  Bell-like tones are found in all the registers, with powerful projection and excellent response time.
Sale Price: $16,000.









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