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Northern Nights Violins
Handmade Violins, Violas and Cellos
158 Church Street
P.O. Box 317
Barton, Vermont 05822

Thurmond Knight Violin 2020

London Violin 1900
Wright Violin 1875
Aberdeen, Scotland

Quartet of Thurmond Knight's instruments
left to right: Gerrie Tobin 1st violin; Harriet Beattie 2nd violin; Thurmond cellist; Sue Openhowski violist

Restored Instruments for Sale
Suzuki Violin 1966
Nagoya, Japan
  Strad Model 15-5 inch Viola Johnnes Kohr 3/4 Bass

Johannes Kohr 3/4 Bass

Sculpture of a viola named Violette
Hand carved by Melinda White-Bronson and Thurmond Knight

 Thurmond Knight, violin maker, makes hand made violins, violas and cellos in his violin shop nestled among 160 acres of spruce and maple trees in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom.  Here, he builds and repairs stringed instruments.  From 1992 to 2000, Thurmond was German Master Violinmaker Karl Roy's teaching assistant at the University of New Hampshire Violin Craftsmanship Institute.  
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New cello completed by Thurmond Knight on October 8, 2013: All steps in building are shown in almost 400 photos,
modeled after Domenico Montagnana, 1686-1750


A downloadable online book by Burt Porter and Thurmond Knight, guides the musician in violin and bow maintenance and minor repairs. In the market for a violin?  FiddleFix clearly outlines, for the buyer, what to look for and what to avoid in an instrument.  It is also a guide for musicians to decide when professional care of their instrument is necessary, where to find such care, what to expect from the repair shop and approximately how much it should cost.

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Mary Rowell and Katherine Winterstein performing on violins made by Thurmond Knight 


The Craftsbury Chamber Players, performing on a quartet of instruments made by Thurmond Knight, has recorded Brahms' Scherzo from his Piano Quintet in f minor, opus 34, known as "Death of the Maiden.Click on link below for the free audio download.


ca 1880 3/4 violin modeled after Antonio Stradivari: for sale $2400

Article in Vermont Life Magazine about Ida Washington commissioning a violin from Thurmond Knight

Restored and new hand-made Small Size Violins for young soloists and prodigies

Restored Instruments for Sale
Movie Star!!  Bethany Violin
Strad model cello in progress