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Jakob Stainer Violin Copy circa 1930

            Jakob Stainer was a violin maker who was famous and much sought after, long before Stradivarius.  His instruments were in the hands of the best players of the time, as they were seeking a warm well rounded sound that worked  best in chamber groups playing in small halls and courts. 
            As concert halls were built, and performances by soloists were played before larger and larger audiences, Stainer's instruments fell out of favor, and the instruments of the Cremonese makers, including Amati, Stradivarius and Guarneri were demanded in order to meet the acoustic requirements of the larger venues.  Baroque and chamber players still appreciate the great qualities of Stainer's instruments.
            This German instrument was made probably in the 1930s and is modeled after Stainer.  The varnish is chocolate brown with gold highlights.  The two piece top is made from medium grain spruce.  The two piece maple back is of small even horizontal flames--the ribs are made with similar wood.  The Stainer stamp can be seen through the bass F hole, and my repair label dated 2006 is visible via the treble F hole.  The name Stainer is also found stamped beneath the button of the back plate.  The instrument is in very good condition.  







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