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Maker of Violins, Violas and Cellos

Arthur Chamberland Violin 1954

This violin was made in 1954 and is in near perfect condition with a beautiful open tone.  Varnish is a warm brown with gold undertones.  The one-piece slab cut back is of maple with even medium flame.  The ribs and neck are of similar wood.  The two piece spruce top is of medium even grain.      
Arthur and his brother, Hermenegil, are listed in Thomas Wenberg's The Violin Makers of the United States where color photos of their violins can be seen. 
The Chamberland Brothers are the poet laureates of violin making in Vermont.  Their instruments are collectibles and much sought after, revered by Vermont fiddlers and violinists alike.  The brothers collectively and individually made a combined total of over 350 violins at their farm in North Troy, and later in Newport, Vermont.  
 They studied violin making with their father, Joseph Chamberland, who was born in Armagh, Quebec on September 21, 1861.  Their mother, Florida Landry, was born July 10, 1862 in St. Elzear, Quebec..  Arthur was born in Armagh on October 15, 1888, and died on Dec. 2, 1966 in Newport, Vermont.  He was 78 and never married.  His grave can be found in the town cemetery of North Troy.  The family came to the U.S. in 1918-1919.  Arthur and Hermenegilde had four other brothers, Archille, Joseph, Alfred and Mazenod.
Thurmond Knight has repaired over two dozen, and totally restored 8 of the Chamberland violins since 1986.   Sale price: $3200.

[Chamberland family history was supplied by Arthur's nephew, John, J. Brown.]