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Aunt Mae Violin 2007

 The "Aunt Mae" violin is modeled after Fritz Kreisler's 1733 Guarneri del Gesu', and was completed by Thurmond Knight in December, 2007.  The Sitka spruce used for the top is from northwestern Canada.  The two piece highly flamed maple back, neck and ribs, are from Bosnia. Gentle antiquing with oil varnish has given the violin a golden luster.  

Thurmond has dedicated this violin to the memory of his Great Aunt Ella Mae Mentoria Alley, known to all as Aunt Mae, who lived all her life in Forsythe County, North Carolina.  Aunt Mae was a very loving maiden aunt, well known for her cleanliness--it was said that her floors were so clean you could eat off them.  The violin has a pure sweet tone with warmth and depth, and a certain tidiness that would make Aunt Mae proud.  Aunt Mae Violin is owned by Rachel Dauenbaugh of Bloomington, Illinois. 

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