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A Guide for Maintenance and Repair of Violins and Fiddles
FiddleFix is an online book that must be downloaded 

FiddleFix is a guide for maintenance and repair of violins, fiddles and their bows.  It is written by Burt Porter, Vermont fiddler extraordinaire, and Thurmond Knight, violinmaker.  Shown below are the Introduction,  Preface, Table of contents, and four sample pages of the text.
     FiddleFix was written to assist players in maintaining and performing minor repairs to their violins and fiddles.  It's also a guide for musicians to decide when professional care is necessary, and where to find such care, what to expect from the repair shop and how much it should cost.

Introduction        Preface      Table of Contents      Sample page 1       Sample page 2     Sample page 3      Sample page 4

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