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Georg Carl Kretzschmann Violin

           This violin has the label reading "Georg Carl Kretzschmann, violin macher in Neukirchen 1795."  Given that Georg died in 1783, according to his listing in William Henley's Universal Dictionary of Violin and Bow Makers, it is most likely this particular instrument was made, not by the old master himself, but by someone in his family of a later generation. 

            The violin is in pristine condition, the only "age" showing being that of antiquing techniques used at the time it was made.  The varnish is apparently spirit based, and is a very pleasing red-brown color.  The violin appears to be modeled after Stradivarius.  The two piece spruce top is of even medium grain that widens out a bit in the periphery.  The two piece maple back is evenly flamed, the figure being mostly horizontal.  The ribs are of a similar maple.  The neck is of plain maple, with faux "flames."   Sale Price: $750.






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