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Wilhelm Ernst Martin Violin ca. 1910

Wilhelm Ernst Martin was born in 1862.  He was a pupil of E. Glasel.  Worked at Markneukirchen.  Died 1907.  Specialized in making replicas of a Nicolas Lupot model, most of them exported to the U.S.  He also made good copies of Cremonese makers such as Stradivari and Guarneri del Gesu'.  He was assisted by his two sons, Ernst Otto and Max. Alfred.  His sons continued in his shop after his death, making many fine copies of the old Italian instruments.  Wilhelm and his sons are listed in William Henley's Universal Dictionary of Violin and Bow Makers.

This instrument was made ca. 1910 by his sons.  It is a very good copy of a Stradivari violin.  The varnish is in excellent condition,  a rich warm brown over a gold ground.  The two piece spruce top is of fine even grain and the two piece maple back has a beautiful deep flame that makes the instrument easily identifiable. 

The E/M stamp is found at the base of the button and the Lyre stamp is found on the button.  There is also the original brass lyre attached to the ebony tailpiece.  The tone is rich in both the top and bottom ends with excellent response.  This would be a good chamber or orchestra violin.  Price is $1800 USD.









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