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Malcolm-Otto Cello, 2012 

       This instrument is modeled after one made by Domenico Montagnana, of Venice.  The cello, made in 1739, known as Sleeping Beauty, was given that name because it was lost and forgotten for a 100 years, and then brought back to life, one of the treasures of the world.  The cello lay unused for a century at Berkeley Castle, a possession of the Fitzharding family, before it was given to Piatigorsky, the famous Russian cellist, in 1935.
       Thurmond Knight made the instrument over two summers, using flawless northwestern Canadian Sitka spruce for the top, which was seasoned in his wood barn for 12 years.  The very highly flamed maple used for the ribs and two-piece back, seasoned for 18 years, was harvested in northern Michigan.  Oil varnish was used for the golden red/brown finish.

        The cello's sound is that to be expected from the Montagnana model, with a tremendous bass and singing upper end with wonderful projection. 

Thurmond dedicated the cello to his grandsons, Malcolm and Otto. 

To view 400 photos of the making of this cello, go to PageofMontagnanaCelloInProgress.htm




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