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Paul Bailly Violin 1904

            This violin was made in the Parisian shop of Paul Bailly, perhaps by his daughter, Jenny, who worked with her father in his shop until his death.  Jenny then continued to make hundreds more instruments under her own name. 

           The violin has a one piece spruce top of medium grain that widens out at the left periphery of the instrument.  The one piece maple back has deep, even flames that lie horizontally.  The ribs and neck are made of similar maple.  Varnish is reddish brown and in very good condition. 

            The violin is in near perfect condition with a small repaired crack of the right upper rib in the corner.  The rosewood pegs are well fitted.  Fingerboard and chinrest are of ebony.  The Wittner tailpiece with four built-in fine tuners, is of composite material.

            The tone of the violin is robust with a lot of tone color.  Response time is very fast, with excellent projection.  In the right hands this instrument could be used as a solo violin.








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