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Wright of Aberdeenshire Violin ca. 1875

This violin was made ca. 1875 by a Scottish luthier with the surname Wright, purportedly in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.  The instrument was brought to Quebec by the Maclure family where it lived for decades until it was brought into the States, ending up with a Maclure great-grandson in Vermont.  The name "Wright" along with the letters "ABD" are stamped into the back just below the button.  Inside the bass F hole can be seen written, in ink-on-wood of the back, in a very fine hand: "Rep. by R. Fasolt, 1893."  Fasolt is known to have been a renowned German repairman of violins.  No other identifying marks can be found.  The violin has been completely restored by Thurmond Knight, a luthier in Barton, Vermont (who is of Scottish heritage via the Stewart Clan).  The instrument has a fine dark golden-brown varnish.  The two piece spruce top is of medium grain, even across the full width of the lower bouts.  The one piece maple back is highly figured.  Sinking around the periphery of the violin is wide on both top and back, with greater depth on the back plate.  The violin looks to be modeled somewhat after those of Nicola Amati.  The tone is exceedingly sweet with quick response and good projection.   The violin was sold to a very talented young violinist who can play like a house afire!





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