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Luther Violin, 1998      

        Luther violin is modeled after Fritz Kreisler's 1733 Guarneri del Gesu'.  It is for soloists or orchestral players, with excellent projection and openness of sound. 
       Luther was played for a year by Richard Lohmann, former concertmaster of the Omaha Symphony, as well as by several of his advanced students for their concerts and recitals, including the well known violinist of New Orleans, Elizabeth Brockway.  The violin was also on loan for a year to a Nashville recording artist, Patrick Ross who recorded extensively while playing Luther.       
       The instrument is named in memory of Thurmond's grandfather, Luther Leonidas Knight.  The European spruce used in its construction was cut in Bavaria in 1954; the maple back was harvested from the Russian Steppes in the early 1990s. The bass bar and sound post come from spruce beams taken out of the Windsor, Vermont covered bridge, built in 1866.      
        Luther is now owned by Mercedes Horner, performer and composer in Connecticut.


Mercedes Horner, on left, performing in her string quartet

Mercedes performing her own composition

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