Thurmond Knight
Maker of Violins, Violas and Cellos

Commissioning an instrument:

New instruments are now becoming the best way for many string players to find a high quality, affordable instrument. Oftentimes the old Italian instruments are astronomically priced, and players must turn to another source for reliable high quality instruments. A new instrument, carefully crafted to individual needs can be the ideal solution.

Construction time for commissioned instruments may take 6 to 8 weeks for violins and violas, and approximately 3 to 4  months for cellos. Close communication between the player and maker is critical for the end result to produce the ideal sound.

The payment schedule for commissioned instruments is as follows: one third of the total cost of the instrument is due at the start of construction, one third at the half way point, and the final third is due just prior to the customer picking up the instrument.

The new owner of a commissioned instrument is given 30 days in which to evaluate the instrument. After 30 days, the sale becomes final. If the instrument is returned before the end of the 30 day evaluation period, the musician has the choice of trying another instrument or receiving a full refund.

Violins and violas (which have not been commissioned) may be shipped to potential buyers for a one week trial period. Shipping is UPS to any place in the continental U.S.   Due to the high risk of damage during shipping, cellos are no longer shipped to customers, but must be picked up in my shop.

kreisler.JPG (16899 bytes)
This violin is a copy of the
"Kreisler" Del Gesu'.

ThurmondatBenchViola.JPG (16658 bytes)

Thurmond at his bench with a viola modeled after Andreas Guarnerius made in 1995.


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